Agrofood water treatment makes environment, consumer and sector more healthy

Water technology from the Ducht province of Zeeland allows the agro-food sector to:

  • Save 95% on process water for packing and processing
  • Purify agro-food products 100% from pesticides, germs and bacteria

January 12th 2015, Van Antwerpen Milieutechniek opened the doors of a new laboratory to improve its activities in the field of agro-food water treatment, which implies water saving and food safety, even further. The exhibition was opened by Deputy Ben de Reu (economy). Owner Eduard van Antwerpen took the opportunity to once again emphasize the ambitions of VAM and also unveil a new name and logo. From February 1, the new company name is VAM Watertech. VAM Watertech has been developing water treatment systems for fruit and vegetable packers and processors for over 10 years, and currently operates globally.

Saving on process water

By connecting water treatment modules to washing lines of agro-food packers and processors, savings of as much as 95% in process water can be achieved. Given the large amounts of water used in the agro-food industry, this means enormous savings on clean water, but also on the costs of water use and maintenance and downtime of machinery. The fact is that clean water causes less wear and tear. In addition, much less contaminated water flows back into the environment, and the drainage of the polluted sludge and sand is simple and inexpensive.

A pure agro-food product

An equal important fact is that agro-food water treatment allows packers and processors to clear their product for up to 100% from pesticides, germs and bacteria. This not only results in a much healthier product for the consumer, but also benefits the shelf-life because cross-contamination is prevented. Therefore, less valuable food needs to be thrown away by either retailers or consumers, who therefore reduce costs and benefit from a healthier product.

Origins in the province of Zeeland

Owner Eduard van Antwerpen has been born and raised in the agricultiral area of Zeeland province and his ambition is to use his knowledge of technology for the development of clean water innovations that are beneficial to the whole agro-food chain and it’s surroundings: ‘healthy from farm to table’.

Eduard van Antwerpen: ‘Water is important as a means of production to the agro-food industry, but even more important to the environment.’ By developing smart cleanwater technology, we can contribute a lot to the health of the agro-food sector, the consumer and our environment. With the application of various water treatment techniques, we build installations that are precisely tailored to the crops and the demands of the specific client. We are able to build our installations modularly, from purification within standards up to 100%, from small companies to large enterprises, and if so desired including extra modules for the remote detection and control of the water values.

For more information on cleanwater facilities for agro-food, please contact:

Eduard van Antwerpen/Hans Blaak

VAM Watertech BV
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About Van Antwerpen Milieutechniek BV (VAM)

VAM develops innovative solutions for clean water facilities providing a healthier and more valuable agro-food product that is produced in a socially responsible way, while at the same time bringing a greater return to the agro-food processor and packer. VAM is aware of the regulations and demands of the agro-food industry, and cooperates with globally leading system integrators, agents and suppliers to develop innovative technologies, tailored to the crops, the company and the demands of the concerning chain.

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